Where Can I Take My Dog in New Brighton

Dog-friendly spots in New Brighton

There are plenty of places to take man’s best friend in and around New Brighton, with some lovely walks and play parks for you and the pooch to enjoy. Just remember, your dog is your responsibility. You need to control them around other dogs, and people. Before you visit stop ad think for a moment – Are you taking them to spot they’re allowed to be? Do you have your dog poo bags packed? What’s the weather doing today? (Don’t want to burn paws on the hot sand!). Check out our handy info below to help you play your trip.

Dog-friendly Areas in New Brighton

Dogs are allowed in many places in New Brighton, but there are areas where they need to meet certain conditions, such as being on a lead. If you want some more freedom, heck out these top dog-friendly spots.

Bottle Lake Forest

A huge forest and park to the North of New Brighton. Make sure you keep them in sight, as it’s easy to get lost here, and be aware of your surroundings as you’re the space with walkers and mountain bikers. 

Rawhiti Domain Dog Park

Open all day, with plenty of parking, Rāwhiti dog park is full fenced, and even has an agility course to keep your dog entertained. 

The Beach

Is there anything better than strolling along the beach with your best mate? Dogs are welcome on our beach most of the year without restrictions, but are prohibited 100m either side of all four of our surf life saving pavilions, and the pier, between 9am and 7pm between from  November 1st until March 31st.

Be Polite!

Always leash your dog when walking past other leashed dogs. If you dog is off leash, they should be controlled and in within eye sight.

Always bag up, and take home your dog’s “presents”. New Brighton is a big place to explore, and there isn’t always a rubbish bin close by.

Map of dog access in Christchurch City

Christchurch City Council has a comprehensive map of areas where you can and can’t take your dog. 

dog running in water

Why are Dogs Prohibited or Restricted in Certain Areas?

  • We’re looking after our birdlife. This is the main reason we have restrictions. Our native birds are precious, and often endangered. They’re easily upset. A spooked bird might miss a meal if they only feed on low tide, and a disturbed nest might mean a bird doesn’t return to raise it’s chicks.
  • It’s for your dog’s safety. Waterways might be contaminated, or there might be poison laid for pests who threaten our birdlife.
  • It’s a busy area. In summer New Brighton can get busy! We want everyone to have fun, and that’s easier to manage by restricting dogs. Remember busy places can be stressful for your dog too, and there’s plenty of quieter places to go.