Exploring the New Brighton Village

Exploring the New Brighton village

Our village in New Brighton is a great place to shop for quirky items you likely wouldn’t find elsewhere. We’ve also got a number of cafés, restaurants and other eateries to keep you going. And while you’re wandering between locations, you’ll be able to check out our lively street art scene.

Check Out Our Mall

Just a stone’s throw from our famous pier and fantastic library, the New Brighton Mall and surrounding shops provide some great retail therapy options, second-hand gems, vintage looks and out-of-the-box gift ideas. 

women working in Switch Cafe

Coffee and Cafés

Us Kiwis have a proud café culture, and New Brighton is no different. Check out some of our local coffee shops and cafés, with great warm drinks and brilliant food.


We’ve got a lot of food options around the centre of New Brighton. Whether you’re after something quick to snack on, a dine-in experience or just want some fish and chips to take down to the beach.


Our residents are a creative bunch who love to share their vision with the public. As well as galleries, you’ll find murals and street art around town and possibly even down on the beach if you time it right.


Parking in New Brighton is usually a fairly easy affair. Many of our streets offer free parking, though that can be time-dependent. We have some dedicated parking areas for when things get busy, or there’s an event on.