How to Have The Best Day Out in Brighton with Your Dog

How to Have The Best Day Out in Brighton with Your Dog

Whether you're on two legs, or four, New Brighton is just one big playground! Check out our guide to having the best dog's day out in New Brighton.

Burn off some energy at the Rawhiti Domain Dog Park.

Start the day off with a visit to the dog park. It’s a fully enclosed, shaded area with agility equipment. Rawhiti is one of Christchurch’s biggest parks, making it a great stop for the whole whānau. Why not check out the Woodland Playground and Sensory garden while you’re there?

Hit the beach.

Most dogs love the beach, so this is an obvious stop! We’ve got 18km of beach to explore! While there’s heaps of space on our beach please just remember, not everyone wants to interact with your dog so please be courteous. During the summer months it’s no dogs allowed on the beach for about 100m in either direction of our surf life saving clubs.

But don’t worry if you’re taking a stroll along the beach. You’re allowed to pass through these areas if your dog is leashed. 

Restrictions are 9am to 7pm from November 1st to March 31st.

Take an off-leash Sniffari around Bottle Lake Forest.

Escape the elements and get an off-leash run around at Bottle Lake Forrest. There’s plenty of shelter from the sun, wind and rain, and there’s no leash restrictions. Just remember to always consider others, and leash up if you pass another leashed dog.

Always have your dog under effective control

This applies to any situation – even off-leash areas. What does “effective control” mean? It means your dog is always in eyesight and you know where they are at all times. It also means they will always come back when called. If they don’t they shouldn’t be off leash, it’s that simple!

If you’re still working on recall with your dog there’s always other options like investing in a good longline!

Effective control is important as you never know what might be up ahead, behind a tree or around a bend! Wildlife like seals or injured birds can be hard to spot until you’re up quite close. 

Strictly off limits! Places you can’t take your dog.

We’ve got some areas where your dog isn’t allowed. If you’re not sure what the rules are then check out the council’s map.

New Brighton Pier: Sorry your dog will have have to check out the ocean views from the beach! The pier is a high pedestrian area, so dogs are prohibited for health and safety reasons.

Southshore Spit Reserve Foreshore: Dogs are prohibited from the foreshore and sand dunes area to protect wildlife (particularly godwits and oyster catchers). Dogs are allowed on a leash when walking around the boundary.

The Estuary Mudflats: (Lower Avon & Raupo Salt Marshes). Dogs are prohibited here to protect wildlife values (particularly estuarine birds).

Travis Wetland: Dogs are off limits for the whole park to protect wildlife values (particularly native birds and including threatened species).

Cockayne Reserve: Dogs are prohibited to protect wildlife values in the reserve area. Dogs must be on a leash on walkways. 

Chill out!

Grab a cold one, and chill out at one of New Brighton’s dog friendly establishments! Most cafes and bars in the area are happy to host you and your pooch.

Historical photos from Christchurch City Libraries, and The New Brighton Museum.

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