Kite Day

"It doesn't cost anything to come down to the beach and just fly a kite."

That prevailing easterly we get in New Brighton isn’t all bad – in fact, it’s perfect for flying kites! And the bigger, the better!

Kite Day is an annual festival in New Brighton that’s been running for about 25 years. Usually held in February, anyone can come and enjoy some old-fashioned kite flying or watch some truly impressive kites up in the air, including the biggest kites in the world made just over an hour away in Ashburton, by Peter Lynn Kites. 

“I call it the kite smile; I hand someone a kite, and they might have been having a really bad day, but suddenly their face changes, and they look up, and they smile.”

Just because this only happens once a year doesn’t mean you can’t come to fly a kite any time you want, and if you are lucky enough to be here on a breezy day, you’ll likely see a few high up in the air.

 “Kite Lady” Julie Adam is seriously passionate about getting people to fly kites and has been for most of her life. Many locals flying kites with their children remember being introduced to their love of kites from Julie when they were kids.

“Bring out the inner child, and just go have fun!” 

What better thing to do on the beach on a windy day than fly a kite?