Best Picnic Spots in New Brighton

Best Picnic Spots in New Brighton

Have you really been to New Zealand if you haven't had fish n chips on the beach?

Kiwis love the outdoors and it’s no different when it comes to enjoying a meal together. So here’s our top spots for enjoying food in the great outdoors…

Rawhiti Domain and the Sensory Gardens

Rāwhiti is the second biggest park in Christchurch so you’ll be spoiled for choice on where to put down the picnic blanket – but if that Easterly wind is blowing, your best bet is the Sensory Garden. Even in a strong breeze there’s an amazing sense of calm here. You’ll find the Sensory garden hidden behind the Community Gardens just off Shaw Ave. 

Family eating icecreams in the park, Rāwhiti Domain Sensory Garden
Woman feeding sea gulls on the beach

New Brighton Beach

We don’t think this one needs much explanation. There’s 18km of beach to choose from and if you’re lucky enough you might find a beach hut to shelter in. Just watch out for those cheeky seagulls, because they’re definitely eying up your meal!

Ihutai Avon Heathcote Estuary

For a magical picnic dinner, head down Beaty Street to the South New Brighton Pier. park up on one of the picnic tables and you’ll get stunning sunset views out over the estuary.

People enjoying a picnic at Avon Heathcote Estuary
Community Gardens New Brighton

Rawhiti Domain and New Brighton Community Gardens

Even if you’re a local, if you take a stroll around Rāwhiti Domain, we’re sure you’ll discover something new. The New Brighton Community Gardens is a truly magical place, and along with the Sensory Garden, Woodland Playground, Thompson Skate Park and Rāwhiti Golf Course, to name a few, Christchurch’s second-largest park has a lot to offer.